BerryAlloc parquet, a natural choice!

Why BerryAlloc parquet? Go with quality right from the start, and for a lifetime.

The BerryAlloc parquet collection offers you a choice of exclusive and attractive parquets :

  • many species of wood, each with its own particular character,
  • a wide range of sizes : from narrow 1-strips to extra-wide planks, and 3 strips,
  • a very tough high-tech varnish , easy to maintain, or a natural, deep-oiled traditional finish,
  • a range of colours and fi nishes that suits current styles (brushed, tinted, limed,...).

Explore our extensive collection of parquets and create the ambiance that best suits you. Whatever you choose, BerryAlloc parquets will give your interior its very own unique, natural character.

Soft Touch Varnish : an exceptionally silky surface feel

You love the feeling of softness, and you need to feel the incomparable texture of wood beneath your feet, without giving up the solid quality of a varnished parquet floor? Explore the latest generation of our Ultimtec® Soft Touch varnish, which in addition to its exceptional strength offers you the pleasant, authentic soft feel of oiled parquet.

So much simpler to install

BerryAlloc introduces Best Loc® X-Treme, an easier, quicker and longer-lasting installation method. No tools or glue needed; simply click the boards together. Your parquet is easy and quick to install, no matter what length or fl oor area is to be covered. We offer a lifetime guarantee, because the quality and toughness of this revolutionary system are clear.

A tough surface

BerryAlloc's high-tech wear- and scratch-resistant varnish is the result of molecular nano-technology, offering the undisputed top-performing product on the market : Ultimtec®. The wood receives six coats of  varnish, making it ultra-tough, beautiful to look at and easy to maintain, and protecting its colour over time. For life.

The strength of each species

A parquet’s wear resistance derives from the type of wood used, and the thickness of the top layer. So the harder the wood, the higher the wear resistance.

 The Brinellscores of the BerryAlloc parquets 

In order to provide excellent, long-term wear-resistance, our collection does not include species that are low on the hardness scale (e.g. cherry, birch).

An excellent product

Because wood continues to live even after it has been cut, the question is sometimes asked : how will the floor act once it is installed?
No need to worry, though : the structure of BerryAlloc parquet is designed to stand the test of time. The central HDF core (High Density Fiberboard) was a technically inspired choice. It offers :

  • an extremely stable floor,
  • greater impact resistance,
  • more efficient floor heating,
  • perfect joints thanks to more accurate machining.


Our parquets have up to 50 year warranty in normal, domestic use *. In addition, this warranty is reinforced by a lifetime warranty of the Best Loc®/Best Loc® X-Treme interlock system.

Parquet made at the edge of Europe’s finest oak forest.

Exceptional oak trees grow in a special world, rich in history and tradition, the preserve of deer and birds of prey, and the source of our parquet flooring : in the heart of the beautiful Tronçais forest, famous for its ancient oaks. It's timber is appreciated for its unusually fi ne-textured and unblemished quality. It is used to make casks and barrels for the finest cognacs and the greatest Bordeaux wines, and is much sought after by wine producers from Italy, Spain, Australia and even the United States.

So considering all this, how can we do anything other than ensure you receive the very finest parquet? Our success is based on generations of forest and timber knowledge, combined with the very latest manufacturing techniques.

Respectful. Because our forests deserve it.

A BerryAlloc parquet is much more than the answer to your longing for exclusive surroundings, evoking the natural world. It is also a responsible choice. It comes from a company that loves its product, and cares for the environment as well as for your lifestyle.

Sustainable forestry

The wood selected both in France and abroad comes from controlled sources managed in accordance with the criteria of the forestry stewardship certification, requiring strictly controlled traceability and monitoring at every step of the manufacturing and sales processes (PEFC™ certification for Berry Wood - known for sustainable forestry management).

A natural material. With added excellence. 

A sustainable quality of life

  • No volatile solvents in the varnishes and glues used.
  • Reduced dust emissions.
  • Formaldehyde emissions are kept down to almost naturally-occurring levels.
  • Class A+* label 1 relating to VOC emissions, thus helping to protect indoor air quality.
  • Parquet is laid on top of a base of HDF (High Density Fiberboard), an E1 certified natural product.

Our emission results are well below regulated levels (at naturally occurring levels for wood)
Live your parquet. Respect its origins. All in perfect serenity.

A question of origin : 100% Made in France

Our parquets are certified "Parquets de France", a label guaranteeing you the choice of a quality product made with French know-how, a true added value.
Invest in a long-term choice, guaranteed by the radical choice of raw materials and manufacturing in line with very demanding criteria.

Forests, playing their part in the battle against global warming

Wood is a "carbon sink". Your choice of a BerryAlloc parquet is making an active contribution to reducing the greenhouse effect. As it grows, every tree captures much of its CO2 from the air we breathe, binding it in the form of carbon. Furthermore, parquet is 100% renewable.

Preserving natural resources

Our commitment to the environment has its effects in our Manufacturing process :

  • The cardboard box used for packaging is made of 95% recycled fibres.
  • Our water consumption was reduced by more than 85% over 5 years (saving the volume of 4 Olympic swimming pools every year).
  • Saw dust from production is reused as boiler fuel in the plant's heating system, and to generate hot water.
  • We participate in the French program for recycling packaging materials.